STI Comedy


It’s not what you think!

Fantastically named Improv group Super Trooper Improv (STI) graced Harrogate with their presence last night for the first time. The group consisted of Mandy McCarthy, Ben Spencer, Noel Curry, Josh Wyatt, Adam Martin and Chris Lumb. All fantastic personalities that rub off each other really, really well.

North Bar, Harrogate was a lovely little venue really suited to the evening. It was warm and cosy which helped to build the atmosphere. As the crowd started to dribble in the music got louder and the laughter started to take over.

Two halves of the evening with an interval in the middle for a little break and if you’re me, to catch your breath.

The Group warming up!

The show itself consisted of mini improvisational games and plenty of audience input. Towards the end of the show it really began to feel like the audience were part of the group. The audience wrote lines on bits of paper and the group had to work them into the scene. Obviously, I tried to make it as hard as possible but it was pulled off really well.

The night wasn’t a high production value but I truly believed it didn’t need to be. Each member of STI had something to bring to the table. Chris’ ability to sound remarkably like a middle aged woman and Adam’s skill of fulfilling the role of literally any character. Mandy always brings a feminine touch to the group but it doesn’t change the characters she put herself in.

For the first half of the evening Noel Curry took on the role of MC but switched with Ben Spencer after the interval meaning we got to see what everyone had to offer. Both are two very relaxed and naturally funny people.

One of the members of the group had such a fantastic laugh but did not have the ability to keep it in. Often when we were watching the show I was slightly distracted by one of the other members guffawing. Even then, it’s not a huge critique because it’s really great to see someone who enjoys their work. Because who actually does?

Overall the evening was brilliant. STI really know how to put on a show and make an audience feel welcomed. Having driven from Leeds to Harrogate I wasn’t disappointed with what I had come for. Raw, on-the-spot comedy really hit the funny bone. I would recommend going to see any show that any member of STI are in because they won’t let you leave… feeling disappointed.

The Group during a game of Freeze Tag!

If I was to rate the evening I would give it a 9.5/10. A very high score I know but the evening is well worthy of it. Happiness, genuine belly laughter and plenty of chatter. The comedy certainly was raw, they did everything the audience asked and more!


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